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Putting safety at the forefront

Oxygen Quality Testers from AMI help aerospace companies ensure the welfare of crews and passengers.

Our Product Engineering team combines intelligent design, effective assembly, and comprehensive quality assurance processes to provide a high-quality product.

And not only do AMI’s Oxygen Quality Testers offer a full range of capabilities, but our team will work hard to ensure an efficient process that provides you with a lasting, cost-effective solution.

Product engineering


How AMI sets ourselves apart

Extensive system features

Whether it’s measuring moisture and oxygen purity, or even adding additional oxygen from an external charging source, AMI’s Oxygen Quality Tester provides an unrivaled array of capabilities. And as with many of our offerings, customers have the capability to add custom tests and features as needed. 

Advanced safety equipment

The AMI Oxygen Quality Tester sets itself apart from other oxygen quality test systems. Not just because of what it can do, but also because of what it can prevent. Oxygen Concentration Monitors come standard on each tester and are designed to protect the operator during the testing and filling operations. This allows aerospace companies to make all necessary measurements to reliably test oxygen quality.

Exceptional quality

Our team puts its heart and soul into each project we perform. Utilizing over 30 years of experience in business, our team uses a set of proven processes for each phase of the project. From start to finish, we make it a priority to use only top-quality materials and technology. And once we design and assemble the product for installation, we initiate an extensive quality assurance process that ensures your tester performs correctly for years to come.

Key Specialties

Breaking down AMI’s Oxygen Quality Tester

Primary Function

The primary function of an AMI Oxygen Quality Tester is to perform moisture and oxygen purity measurements for various types and sizes of aviation oxygen cylinders.  All these measurements are performed according to the specifications of the related CMMs.  The tester features a four-stage hygrometer sensor to measure the humidity, temperature, and pressure of the oxygen inside the cylinder under test. A water chiller can be added as an option to shift the measurement range if desired. The purity of the oxygen is measured by an oxygen analyzer.


The AMI’s Oxygen Quality Tester also features the capability to connect the cylinder under test to external charging equipment. This allows for the addition of extra oxygen as needed. This feature comes standard, with the capability of adding custom options upon request.

Enhance productivity and profitability, whichever industry you're in.

AMI takes immense pride in providing high-quality, personalized product engineering services for businesses in the aerospace industry. Whether you’re a manufacturer, MRO, airline, or repair station, based locally or worldwide, our team is dedicated to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

When it comes to oxygen quality testing, our reliable employees and proven processes will ensure that your company gets the high-quality, cost-effective solutions you deserve. And throughout your experience, industry veterans will answer all your questions and work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction.

Building effective solutions

I have worked with AMI for 15+ years and they always provide a very good product with high quality. Their quick response time supports our business on every request!

Purchasing Manager, Wastewater Treatment Industry

-Stephanie J.

Having worked with AMI for several years, I can remember numerous occasions where product was hand delivered to meet our deadlines. The engineering support is second to none! Due to excellent customer service, technical knowledge and engineering staff, I would highly recommend AMI.

Engineering Manager, Aerospace Industry

-Diego V.

AMI continues to provide quality products, while providing continuous on time delivery. We can count on AMI to provide their best efforts and ensure our expectations are met.

Plant Manager, Rail Industry

-Tim A.

I would highly recommend AMI due to their accuracy in builds and few problems with finished products.

Plant Manager, HVAC Controls

-Abigail M.

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