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Improve your repair shop's productivity

AMI’s Breathing Simulators will exercise regulators as required by related regulator CMMs (endurance tests), making your repair shop more efficient. Upon entry of the proper settings, the simulator will run unattended.

While regulator exercising can also be done with our Crew Mask Test System (CMTS II), we can use the Breathing Simulator to “off load” the exercising of regulators after a case replacement or other servicing, improving overall shop productivity.

Designed to operate with B/E Aerospace and EROS / AVOX regulators, the system includes unattended operation and selectable breathing rates, tidal volumes, pressure, and the number of cycles.

Product engineering


Our Breathing Simulator allows for a multitude of different tests, with numerous system features.

Ease of Use

These features make operating the device remarkably simple, to the point where your Breathing Simulator can run unattended once the proper settings are initiated. And if additional custom features or testing capabilities are needed, our team will work with you to develop a solution that fits your specific requirements.


Combining quality outcomes with seamless operation. No company can match the experience and quality that AMI’s product engineering team provides.

Key specialties

Breathing Simulator Key Elements

Key features of AMI’s Breathing Simulator include

  • Capability to run unattended
  • Capable of testing EROS, B/E Aerospace, AVOX, Scott and others
  • Selectable breathing rates (max 30 breaths per minute)
  • Selectable tidal volumes (max 2 liters)
  • Selectable pressure (max 1 MPa)
  • Selectable cycle count
  • Monitoring of inhalation/exhalation resistance

Tests performed by the Breathing Simulator

  • Life cycle testing
  • Testing for irregularities
  • Connector testing

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