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Custom-made Microtronic converters

Automated Motion, Inc. has established a reputation as a premier product engineering and contract manufacturing company.

One aspect that makes us unique, however, is our ability to create custom products for customers across the country. Among our custom product capabilities are Microtronics digital-to-analog converters (DACs)

Our latest offering in our digital-to-analog converter family is the MTDACII. The MTDACII is an updated version of our previous DAC, featuring complete custom programming and enhanced versatility in output options.

Product engineering


A wide range of capabilities, limited only by your imagination.

Custom programming

AMI’s team of professional product engineers is capable of creating fully customized programs. We’ll work with you to determine the unique demands of your application, and our team will work accordingly within the parameters set. The most commonly used application for the MTDACII, in our experience,  is an application that communicates with liquid tank monitoring systems and outputs an analog signal representing the tank volume. 

Multiple channel DAC options

AMI offers several channel options for our digital to analog converters. For the MTDACII, our team offers the single-channel MTDACII-1CH, the two-channel MTDACII-2CH, the four-channel MTDACII-4CH, and the eight-channel MTDACII-8CH. Each offers the same features and reliability, including improved status LEDs that indicate the proper functioning of the RS232 communication and onboard CPU.

Built for quality

Every single product designed, assembled, and installed by AMI is developed with quality at the forefront. Our highly trained team utilizes proven processes with all of our work, ensuring efficiency and cost savings. Last but not least, a comprehensive quality assurance check is performed on every single product to help guarantee lasting success for customers.

Key specialties

Microtronics key elements

Models available

  • MTDACII-1CH – Single-channel unit
  • MTDACII-2CH – Two-channel unit
  • MTDACII-4CH – Four-channel unit
  • MTDACII-8CH – Eight-channel unit

Features standard in each MTDACII model

All of the MTDACII digital to analog converters available at AMI comes with the same standardized features and with the capability for custom programming as needed.

  • Analog output ranges:
    • 0-20mA
    • 4-20mA
    • 0-5Vdc
    • 0-10Vdc
  • Included with each MTDACII:
    • Mounting brackets
    • RS232 cable (6′)
    • 16-bit accuracy as before
    • More rugged enclosure than previous models

Liquid Tank Applications

For liquid tank applications, the following parameters are available for monitoring:

  • Product volume
  • Product level
  • Temperature
  • Water level

Enhance productivity and profitability, whichever industry you're in.

AMI takes immense pride in providing high-quality, personalized product engineering services for businesses and customers. Whether you’re based locally or worldwide, our team is dedicated to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

When it comes to Microtronics digital-analog converters, our design, assembly, and installations are all performed by reliable employees with proven processes. This helps ensure we meet any deadline you set forth. And throughout your experience, industry veterans will answer all of your questions and work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction.

Building effective solutions

I have worked with AMI for 15+ years and they always provide a very good product with high quality. Their quick response time supports our business on every request!

Purchasing Manager, Wastewater Treatment Industry

-Stephanie J.

Having worked with AMI for several years, I can remember numerous occasions where product was hand delivered to meet our deadlines. The engineering support is second to none! Due to excellent customer service, technical knowledge and engineering staff, I would highly recommend AMI.

Engineering Manager, Aerospace Industry

-Diego V.

AMI continues to provide quality products, while providing continuous on time delivery. We can count on AMI to provide their best efforts and ensure our expectations are met.

Plant Manager, Rail Industry

-Tim A.

I would highly recommend AMI due to their accuracy in builds and few problems with finished products.

Plant Manager, HVAC Controls

-Abigail M.

Work with our team

With proven processes, decades of experience, and a dedication to quality, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. Contact AMI today and put your project in the best hands possible.

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