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AMI provides long-term solutions for aerospace companies both domestically and internationally.

Working with airlines and aerospace companies throughout the world, Automated Motion Inc. can provide your business with premium-quality, custom products and solutions.

Our team uses advanced technologies and processes to provide lasting enhancements to the safety and efficiency of your aerospace company’s operations and products. Our team will work to design, identify, and manufacture the most cost-effective solutions possible.

Personalized service with a global reach

Our services

High-quality solutions your business can count on.

For years, AMI has partnered with companies in the aerospace industry to provide custom products and testing services. Whether it’s manufacturing items to improve passenger experience or ensuring the proper functions of masks and oxygen bottles, our team works relentlessly to improve your processes.

Who we serve

Aerospace products and services.

Ultimately, our team of engineers and employees can design and manufacturing a wide variety of custom solutions for your business. Not only that, but we specialize each of our services for your needs and rigorously tested to ensure quality. Some of our current products and services for aerospace companies include:

  • Automated crew and passenger mask testing
  • Oxygen quality testers
  • Chiller testing
  • Regulator exercisers
  • Pulse oxygen test systems
  • Nitrogen bottle regulator testing
  • Beverage maker testers
  • and more!

Past Projects

Panel Mount Oxygen Regulator (PMOR) Test System



Oxygen Bottle Regulator Test System



Nitrogen Bottle Regulator Test System



Enhance productivity and profitability, whichever industry you're in.

AMI takes immense pride in providing high-quality, personalized service for businesses in the aerospace industry. Our team has provided solutions and met the needs of aerospace companies across the world. And we’re dedicated to enhancing your operations and exceeding your expectations.

Each service is performed by reliable employees and backed by proven processes, ensuring that we meet any deadline you set forth. Throughout your experience, industry veterans will answer all of your questions and work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction.

Building Effective Solutions

I have worked with AMI for 15+ years and they always provide a very good product with high quality. Their quick response time supports our business on every request!

Purchasing Manager, Wastewater Treatment Industry

-Stephanie J.

Having worked with AMI for several years, I can remember numerous occasions where product was hand delivered to meet our deadlines. The engineering support is second to none! Due to excellent customer service, technical knowledge and engineering staff, I would highly recommend AMI.

Engineering Manager, Aerospace Industry

-Diego V.

AMI continues to provide quality products, while providing continuous on time delivery. We can count on AMI to provide their best efforts and ensure our expectations are met.

Plant Manager, Rail Industry

-Tim A.

I would highly recommend AMI due to their accuracy in builds and few problems with finished products.

Plant Manager, HVAC Controls

-Abigail M.

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With proven processes, decades of experience, and a dedication to quality, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. Contact AMI today and put your project in the best hands possible.

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